What Exactly is a party bus?
The Port A Party Bus is an upscale alternative to for-hire transportation.

How do I get on Port A Party Bus and how much does it cost? 
The Port A Party Bus operates like a limousine, by the hour. Prices vary on time and date of rental.

Is alcohol allowed on The Port A Party Bus?
The Port A Party Bus does not supply alcoholic beverages, however, persons age 21 and older may bring alcoholic beverages on the bus.

Can we play a DVD?
Absolutely! If you have a DVD slideshow of the birthday boy or girl or just want to have your favorite movie playing, we’re happy to do that for you.

Can we bring food aboard The Port A Party Bus?
Food and beverages are welcome on The Corpus Christi Party Bus, however, cleaning fees may apply if these items make a mess!

Is gratuity for the drivers included in the rental amount?

Driver gratuity is not included in the posted rates.

When does the hourly rate begin?  
The hourly rate begins upon arrival at pick up point, not departure at pick up point. Unless the pick up point is outside the Corpus Christi area then the time begins when our buses leave our location.

How many people does The Port A Party Bus seat?
Up to 18 people max.

What is provided by The Port A Party Bus? 
Chauffeur, glasses, shot glasses, napkins, ice, coke and sprite. VIP access at some local club/bars.

Do you offer pick-up/drop off services? 
Yes, there will be a split fee charge ($100) in conjunction with the hourly rate.

Does everyone have to be 21? 
No, But if there is alcohol on the bus, everyone must be 21. You will be required to show proof of your age.

Can we smoke?
To keep our buses clean and in top condition for all customers, we have adapted a strict no smoking policy that we do enforce.

How much does it cost to reserve The Port A Party Bus?
The Corpus Christi Party Bus requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.

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